What To Expect

When you Visit...

Visiting any church for the first time can be a tough experience. At Lifegate, we desire that you would feel welcomed and appreciated at our church! We hope you will find friendliness, helpfulness, and encouragement at your visit. Listed below are some details of what to expect on your visit this Sunday!


When You Arrive

When you arrive, you can expect to be greeted and pointed in the direction you need to go, whether it be for Sunday school, or our morning worship.

During the Service

During the service, you will find that our people are friendly, our music is conservative, and the preaching of God's Word is the most important aspect of our worship!

We do not have a dress code for visitors or members. Many of our church family usually wear traditional Sunday dress. Our main desire is that you would feel comfortable and encouraged!

Every Sunday we take up an offering to help meet the expenses of our church. This is completely voluntary! You will not be pressured to give in any way.

We usually end our service with an invitation to respond to the message. This is both a time of reflection and response. Sometimes people go forward to pray at the altar and make decisions for the Lord. No person is ever singled out or pressured.

After the Service

When the service is dismissed, you can expect to meet Pastor Tooley at the front. They usually shake hands with everyone. This is often a time of brief fellowship! We always have a time of fellowship with tea and biscuit after the service so we can get to know our guest and renewal friendships during the week. If you have any questions about the church or the message, feel free to ask. Please, realize that you will not be pressured in any way.